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Simulations confirm that warm oceans after the Genesis Flood caused intense evaporation and snow and ice storms during a single Ice Age of short duration. If we use God’s Word as our starting point, we do not need to rely on unknown mechanisms that require hundreds of thousands of years. The Bible gives us the big picture that helps make sense of our world.

Lake Missoula Flood

Was There an Ice Age?

Scientific Interpretation Needs Open Mind (Letter to Editor)

Answers in Genesis

This article discusses the possiblity of there having been a global ice age following the global flood.

Why Is the Story of Adam So Very Important?

Volcanic Activity After the Flood

Setting the Stage for an Ice Age

Michael J. Oard, Answers in Genesis

The Flood of Noah’s day was the greatest catastrophe in earth history,
and it involved much more than rain.It reshaped the surface of the
earth, spawning massive volcanoes and earthquakes that dwarf anything observed in modern times. Such a tremendous catastrophe would have radically altered the earth’s climate, resulting in an Ice Age.

The Genesis Flood Caused the Ice Age

Michael J. Oard, Answers in Genesis

The two ingredients required for an Ice Age, cool temperatures and tons of snow, were dramatically fulfilled immediately after the Genesis

Ice Age for Kids

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Frozen in Time

Michael Oard, Answers in Genesis

Author Michael Oard gives plausible explanations of the seemingly unsolvable mysteries about the Ice Age and the woolly mammoths. Many other Ice Age topics are explained including super floods, ice cores, man in the Ice Age, and the number of ice ages.

The Ice Age

Roger Patterson, Answers in Genesis

When we start our reasoning from the truth of Scripture, we can develop a model to help us understand the one and only Ice Age. ... The idea of an ice age has sparked much controversy as well as much imagination.

Glacial Lake Missoula and the Ice Age Floods

Montana Natural History Center

Here you can learn about the great floods that shaped the Pacific
Northwest, take a tour of the landscapes they created, revisit the drama
that unfolded as the story of the floods came to light, and keep
up-to-date on events focusing on the floods--including the creation of a
National Park Service trail following the path of the flood waters.
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